List of MEW publication for regulation and codes of practice as the following:-


1)  Regulation for electrical installations fourth edition/1983 MEW/R-1.


2)  Procedures for electrical and A/C drawings and connection for power supply for construction and building projects first edition/1983 MEW/R-2.


3)  Electrical load form and explanatory memo second edition/1983 MEW/R-3.


4)  Regulation for testing electrical installation before connection of power supply MEW/R-4.


5)  General guide lines for energy conservation in building MEW/R-5.


6)  Code of practice MEW/R-6 for energy conservation measures in Kuwait buildings and appendices.


7)  Rules and regulation for design of A/C system and equipment MEW/R-7.


8)  Rules and regulation for handing over engineering services (Electrical and Mechanical) to the maintenance authority MEW/R-8.


9)  General specification for electrical installations MEW/S-1.